1. Course Requests
2. Downloading Courses and Firmware Upgrade
3. Administration
4. Device trouble
5. Returns and RMA's

1. Course Requests

1. How do I request a course to be put online?
You can either go online and submit your request via email through our general inquiries option under Contact Us or you can call us at 1-888-296-1428. Please note that each course takes time to survey, map, and upload, so please be patient as the entire process may take 4-6 weeks for completion on new course requests. For full view requests for the Platinum units, please allow 2-4 weeks for updates to take effect. You can check the status of the course view in our Course Library by looking at the icon located on the right of the course information. If the icon has a red flag, this indicates that the course is available for full view. If the icon has a white flag, this indicates that the course information only displays the green view. Also note that the course manager updates every Friday, so even though you may see that your course has been updated online, it will not be until the following Friday that the course can be downloaded through the course manager.
2. How can I see whether or not my course was updated?
You can check online by clicking on the Course Library option from the menu bar to see if our course library now includes your course. If it has not yet been added, you can call 1-888-296-1428 and ask for the status or your course request. Once again, notice that even though the course is online, it will not be able to be downloaded from the course manager until the following Friday.


2. Downloading Courses and Firmware Upgrade

1. How do I download courses?
Pro/Tour units
Using Windows Internet Explorer, please go to our website, www.golfbuddyglobal.com, and click on Support on our menu bar. Once under Support, please click on Downloads from the options located on the left. Please select the appropriate GolfBuddy Course Manager program based on what type of computer you have and which GolfBuddy unit you own. Proceed to the installation of the program. Once you are finished, you should see a small icon on your desktop. To begin downloading your courses, first you must complete our online member registration form to create a custom User ID and Password. You can gain access to this form by clicking the Sign Up button on the welcome screen of the GolfBuddy Course Manager. Once you have completed the member registration form, please follow the steps below to download courses.
  • Before logging in, please make sure that your unit is turned ON and connected to the USB cable.
  • Open our GB Manager program and log in with your User ID and Password.
  • Please wait until the words device connected are displayed on the upper right white bar.
  • Once the device is connected please select a country from the left menu.
  • Proceed by choosing a state or a province from the left menu.
  • Please select the courses you wish to update by placing a check mark on the box located on the left of the course name or click on All located on the top of the course information bar to update the entire state/province.
  • Press the green Download Selected Courses to GolfBuddy button on the bottom right corner to download the courses.
You can also refer to our GB Manager User Manual by clicking on Support from our top menu bar and following the instructions. The Course Manager gives you a full list of courses, and tells you which are new or renovated and which are already in your unit. It also has a scorecard manager and device info, where you can even put your personal information and desired startup picture right into your GolfBuddy! Firmware upgrades can also be done directly from the course manager.
Platinum units
  • Please connect your unit to the computer using a USB data cable.
  • Open the G3 or GolfBuddy World Course Manager program and log in.
  • Step 1: Device Connection - Please wait until the screen displays that the device is connected. When this happens, please proceed by pressing the blue button titled Next at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 2: Firmware Information -Please proceed by pressing the blue Next button.
  • Step 3: Select Countries to Update - Please select the country (or countries) that you would like to update. Once you have made your selection, you can either update the entire country or just a certain state, province, town, etc.
  • Once you have made a selection please proceed by pressing the blue Next button.
  • If you receive a small gray box, please make sure that the Newly Updated Only box is checked marked.
  • When finished, you will see Update Complete on the screen and on the top right you will be on the Finish tab with a blue check mark on it.
  • If you are finished updating courses, please close the program.
  • On the unit, please press the Exit Syncing Mode message on the bottom of the screen. After the unit restarts you can then safely remove the unit from the computer.
2. How do I upgrade the Firmware? (Pro/Tour units)
  • When a message flashing on the top right corner of the program that says Please Upgrade Firmware appears, left click on the small white box with the blue line across it on the right side of the message.
  • Select the Firmware Upgrade option.
  • A small window will appear with a Run option button. Before you run the program, please close the GB Manager program, but leave the run gray box intact.
  • Once you have closed the program please proceed by clicking on run to begin the firmware upgrade.


3. Administration

1. I forgot my ID or password. What do I do?
You can call 1-888-296-1428 and have a Technical Support assistant retrieve your ID. Our Technical Support assistants will need your unit’s serial number to retrieve your registration information. They can also reset your Password so that you can re-access your account.
2. The Course Manager won’t let me log in, saying that my unit is registered to another user. What do I do?
If you have had multiple accounts or logged in with a different ID than your original ID, this message will appear. You may use the same ID and Password on multiple units however; the units can only be linked to the first ID and Password that was created. Use the first account you used to access GB Manager, or the security system in our database will not give you access. If you do not remember your information or would rather use a different account, call 1-888-296-1428 and tell the Technical Support assistants about your problem. They will be able to either find your original account or allow you to register with a different account.


4. Device trouble

Pro/Tour Errors
  • Sync with PC
  • CSS error
  • Unrecognizable numerical on the screen
  • Button Test/Jig Test
  • NFID system error
Platinum Errors
  • RET code 12
  • Application error
Other Troubleshoot (Platinum)click!
If any of these error messages appear on the screen of your GolfBuddy unit, please contact us for an RMA number. See Returns & RMA’s for process instructions.


5. Returns and RMA's

1. How do I return my unit?
If you bought it from a retail store or golf shop, you must return that unit to the retail store and follow their return policies. If you bought the unit from GolfBuddy directly from our website, by phone, or by walking into our corporate office and you still have the receipt, you may return the unit within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. You should ALWAYS check your unit right when you receive it to make sure it satisfies you and that it is free of manufacturing defects.
2. If my unit is displaying an error message, what do I do to get it fixed?
If you purchased the unit from a retail store or golf shop, you can take it back to them and exchange it for another unit, depending on their exchange policies. You can also call 1-888-296-1428 to request an RMA number to ship the unit to the GolfBuddy Repair Center. You will need a receipt if within warranty to waive any repair fees for manufacturing defects. If it falls within the 90 day limited warranty, we will repair or replace the unit free of charge. If it does not fall under the warranty limits or if it is outside the 90 days time frame, then there will be a repair charge billed. The customer is liable for all shipping costs to GolfBuddy.